Master’s program

The University of Ottawa Linguistics Department is an advanced center of linguistic research, with faculty expertise in core areas as well as in interdisciplinary fields. In recent years, new department members have added to our strengths in long-established areas of specialization such as syntax, the linguistic study of French and variationist sociolinguistics, as well as expanding faculty expertise to include a variety of languages spoken around the world, computational modeling in phonology, field linguistics, experimental phonology and phonetics, semantics, historical linguistics, and state-of-the-art experimental techniques in psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics. Our Faculty maintain an active research profile, with a high rate of success in funded projects and thriving collaborations with other universities. We offer advanced training in all primary areas of linguistics and encourage our students to carry out experimental/quantitative research, providing access to research laboratories that include modern facilities for eye-tracking, ERP, reaction times, ultrasound, electropalatography, electroglottography and airflow, as well as a variety of corpora for sociolinguistic and historical linguistics analysis.


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